Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is beneficial for everyone if the illness is not a serious or chronic issue. One can consult their doctors for further guidance.

Anti-stress is more focused to make a person more relaxed and therapies are focused on stress management. And the Detox program, therapies are more focused on eliminating toxins matter from the body.

Ashram stay is best to promote time for self-contemplation, one can get into the desired routine required to begin their journey towards peace and complete restfulness. The atmosphere and ambiance of the Ashram make it easy to embark on this journey.

Yes, you will get information about Chakras and Kundalini.

There are 108 Chakras, out of 108, seven are major Chakras.

Classical yoga promotes complete balance within our body and helps synchronize the mind, glands, hormones, physiological levels, Emotion Level, and Spiritual level. It is basically a complete well-being form of yoga.

Yes, you will get profound support to learn and understand its benefits.

Tantra is a beautiful art and science to expand consciousness. No this is not a Sex taboo, tantra includes all aspects of life.

Samadhi means unity between the individual self and universal self.

Ayurvedic food, prepared with love will be served as per the daily routine.

We use Ayurvedic herbs and spices in a balanced proportion to make them light, healthy, and tasty.

Yes, on request we can provide complete vegan meals.

Yes, on request we can provide gluten-free food.

Yes, we have 24*7 hot and cold-water availability.

Yes, everyone is warm, welcoming, and friendly.