About Teju 


Teju was born in the valley of the Himalaya, called New Tehri. He found his way towards spiritualism and yoga at a very young age. He accomplished his Master Degree of Yoga from the Institute Dev Sanskriti Vishwaridhyalaya in Haridwar. His diploma of Naturopathy he got from SNC New Delhi. He has been teaching yoga and yoga therapy for the last 10 years, where from 5 years at Himalayan Yog Ashram. He made a sidestep to teach Yoga and Yoga Therapy in Nigeria (Africa) for more then half a year and is now happily back at the ashram.

Teju is welknown for his rejuvenating hatha yoga classes, excellent asana- and yoga therapy knowledge. And he also is loved for his healing hands as an Ayurvedic Therapist. 

He brings a warm heart and loving nature.

“A journey deeper into the self”

At first I was stunned by pretty much everything about this place, Ram, which runs the place, welcomed me and showed me to my room. He instantly made me feel welcome and seen. The rooms are clean and good, all comforts and unlimited supply of tea (good kinds) Since I was gonna spend a month doing the teacher training it is pretty important that I felt good in the surroundings, which I did. The YTT itself, wow, where to start.
It was ALOT more about me then I thought it'd be. At first this bothered me, I wanted more physical asanas and more challenges (pitta). But when I slowly accepted things as they where, I felt that this was, and is, exactly what I needed, and I'd like to go out on a limb and say, what everyone needs. This place will teach you the true meaning of yoga, in all it's aspects. If you want 75% or the course to be asanas you can show-off, this isn't the place for you, but if you want a journey deeper into yourself while learning about yoga, food, the body and much more, it is. 
- Stefan (Sweden) -