provides high quality of energy

Proper eating is an important tool during sadhana. Compare food with the fuel which enables our total being to function. That is why the quality of food provides the quality of energy for body and mind.

the gunas
Three kind of qualities exist, also known as ‘gunas’:
- Satva: lightness, illuminated
- Rajas: active, moving
- Tamas: stable, solid

In all kind of food (and the whole manifestation, but this is another story) you will find the gunas in more or lesser amounts. Take for example chilli pepper, where the quality ‘rajas’ is most dominant. Therefore spicy food produces active energy. For lazy persons this may help them become more energetic. But for already active persons it can easily create restlessness in body and mind. 

satvic meals
Light food with a dominance of 'satva' is most beneficial to the practice of yoga. This means fresh vegetarian meals, neither too oily nor too spicy. Hence satvic meals are served 3 times a day. Seasonal fruits and vegetables all come fresh from the local market. 

During the day we provide herbal tea. Filtered water is always available from our filtered water system.  

Please inform us on forehand in case you have any allergy. In the case of Gluten allergy we can do some adaptions in the menu (like leaving the chapatti out) but we also recommend to take care yourself of any special needs.